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Mountain Bike Tours of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

Do you like: Mountain Biking… Backpacking… Caving... Canoeing… Hiking… Relaxing...


Falling Trails is located in the 12,000-acre headwaters area of the Buffalo National River. The BNR      headwaters are part of the surrounding 1.1 million acre Ozark National Forest. Just downstream from the headwaters is the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area and below that approximately 130 miles of the free-flowing Buffalo National River including 4 more wilderness areas.

The Ozark Mountains are the meeting grounds of north, south, east, and west. Typical flora, fauna, and traditions from all around meet in the rough terrain of the Boston Mountain area of northwest Arkansas. Because of its dense forests, steep slopes, and very rough terrain, mainstream American culture spread around the Ozarks. The local residents developed a spirit of backwoods survival and cultural independence.

 The vegetation is primarily mixed hardwood forest with occasional areas of pine and cedar. The terrain is steep and rough with some long valleys and undulating ridgetops. Vertical rock bluffs circle the hollows running with waterfalls during wet seasons. The underlying rock is sandstone and limestone. The limestone layers naturally produce caves. Many are very large and some not completely explored. Three species of endangered bats use the limestone cave habitats.

 We offer both full day guided mountain bike trail rides, and multiple day fully supported excursions. Most of our rides follow forest roads, off-road doubletrack, and technical singletrack through the Ozark National Forest. We lead multi-day backpacking trips into nearby Wilderness areas.  Canoeing is offered in season. Caving trips vary from short jaunts to all day exploration events.  Hiking is great anytime. Relaxation highly valued.

Our menu consists of a variety of delicious foods prepared with the highest quality organically grown and/or naturally raised products. Meals are available either with meats, vegetarian, or vegan. Our natural spring waters arise from very clean forested watersheds. We run our business using energy generated from our photovoltaic solar panels.

Accommodations include rustic cabins and primitive campsites. Our network of forest accommodations can provide you with cabins and bed and breakfast, shuttle for your gear and all day in the saddle mountain biking fun. We can provide bicycles and other gear for rental or purchase.

We strive for fun and health by exploring, playing, eating and relaxing well. Being close to the natural world brings us great pleasure.


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